The latest trends in furniture and design, offering indoor and dark products and elegant, made with a material very often until recently little appreciated, cement. The Austrian designer, Daniel Meise, has been able to use it with skill, creating a series of coffee tables really original and chic, each of which gave a name entirely appropriate: Bridge, Together and Bone. At first glance his furniture may seem extremely heavy, actually to look elegant designer has combined sinuous lines obtained by carving the shape and leaving the empty interior.

Only the walls are in fact in cement, Bone The model, for example, has a wall thickness of 8 mm and weighs only 25 kg. Natural texture and enveloping forms therefore, in addition to the possibility of choosing the color of the table. Another very interesting feature of this line is the impermeability. Called “The marble of the contemporary ‘, cement arises therefore as a real star of the current design, not only for furniture but also for external paving, with the ability to use a wide range of colors and different textures.

Thanks to technological innovations, and ‘also possible to obtain a translucent concrete, enriched with fiber optics that allows lights, shadows and colors to filter through the thickness of the same. For the three coffee tables Austrian designer has used a special cement to harden fast and very strong.


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